Salcura Bioskin Junior Outbreak rescue cream 50ml


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  • Fast acting skin cream for children and babies with dry skin and also suitable for eczema prone skin
  • Soothes rough skin
  • Protects and supports skin hydration

Outbreak Rescue cream helps target flare-ups in children and babies prone to dryness, and also suitable for eczema-prone skin. Outbreak Rescue Cream is suitable for use on delicate skin. Can be reapplied a number of times and it can be used on the face. A highly effective product for severely dry and also suitable for eczema prone skin, without long-term worry. We recommend using our Junior products from 3+ months. If you wish to use them before that age, please always patch test to ensure the natural ingredients do not sting.

Salcura's Junior Outbreak Rescue Cream contains a multitude in extracts and oils - with Linseed to calm redness, Borage to help skin moisture, and Zeolite for its ability to combat free radicals. Based on our best-selling Zeoderm, but with a gentler formulation for young and sensitive skins.


Vendor: Salcura