Allicinmax 180 capsules


Allicin Max is the only supplement to contain 100% allicin, the medicinal compound found within garlic extract. Allicin Max is the world's only supplement to be made from Allisure, the only stabilised allicin extract available. This is manufactured in the UK to strict pharmaceutical quality control.

Allicin Max capsules have been proven to prevent and treat the common cold virus in the only double-blind placebo controlled study of its kind on a garlic product. Volunteers taking just one capsule a day of allicin powder (Allicin Max) were at least 50% less likely to contract a cold. They also recovered from a wide range of symptoms, including cough, sore throat, runny nose and headaches, much faster (1.58 days vs 5.01 days) and were less likely to get another cold.

Allicin powder formulations (Allicin Max) are also capable of destroying a wide range of bacterial and fungal infections.

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